EVP X3 Ultra High Efficiency Intercooler


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EVP is proud to introduce our Maverick X3 Ultra High Efficiency Intercooler.

We at Evolution Powersports have been determined to mitigate one of the largest problems facing Can Am X3 owners and racers running in high ambient temperatures (California, Arizona, Nevada, Mexico, etc). Intercoolers work by reducing the temperature of the charge air coming out of the turbo prior to entering the engine.  This is important because the way most modern engine management systems work is engine timing is optimized based upon feedback from a variety of sensors.  One of the sensors that directly impacts the final timing value (fuel, boost and optimized timing = power) is the TMAP sensor on the intake manifold.  TMAP stands for Temperature Map Sensor.  This sensor measures both the pressure and temperature of the air that is about to enter the engine.   When racing or duning, the longer you are running your engine at high boost, the higher the intake temperature climbs (depending upon ambient temperatures).  Once the temperature reaches a certain threshold, the ECU begins to pull timing out to minimize the likelihood of detonation due to high intake temps which in turn reduces power.  This is a progressive strategy which continues to reduce timing further as the intake temps climb.  Without this active timing control, the X3 engine would self destruct on pump gas.  By running a higher flow, more efficient intercooler, a greater amount of heat can be removed from the charge air and keep the engine running at full timing and therefore full power for a longer period of time.

Through extensive Solidworks CAD and flow analysis, we have designed a highly efficient direct replacement intercooler which has far more flow and heat removing capacity than the OEM.  At 4″ thick, our intercooler is more than double the thickness of the factory and reuses the OEM fan.  EVP intercoolers and intercooler cores are proudly made in the USA by American craftsman.

Its one thing to build an intercooler.  Its a whole other thing to build an intercooler which is durable enough to stand up to 40+ lbs of boost.  Not only has our intercooler stood up to these tremendous boost pressures, but have also withstood the grueling BITD and Lucas Offroad Series Races without failure.  No other company can claim that.

  • Reduces intake air temperature
  • Helps to keep timing optimized which in turn keeps full power for longer runs
  • Direct replacement reusing the OEM fan
  • Testing has shown up to 20 degree reduction in charge air temperature over the OEM intercooler

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