EVP Stage 6 Sandblaster Big Turbo Upgrade V2.0


EVP’s ultimate power upgrade for the Can-Am X3 – the Stage 6 Sandblaster big turbo upgrade V2.0!

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Evolution Powersports is proud to introduce our race proven “Sandblaster” Big Turbo upgrade for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Can Am X3 Turbo. Once we extracted the most usable power from the stock turbocharger, we began looking at other turbo options to get more power from the Can Am 900cc 3-cylinder engine. The OEM turbocharger is limited by compressor size and bearing durability and has a maximum sustained boost pressure of 20 lbs. at sea level. Our solution was to engineer a custom CHRA with a 5mm larger compressor and higher flowing turbine which is capable of big boost while remaining durable and fit within the OEM header/exhaust housing. This would allow customers to reuse their aftermarket exhausts and keep the cost of the turbo upgrade in check. The results of this upgrade have been outstanding – 28+ lbs. of boost and over 206 whp (250 Engine hp) on 110 Octane and 209 whp (255 Engine hp) on E85!  Not only has the combination been dyno & field tested, but raced. It has been raced and tested across the US including Glamis, Dumont, Little Sahara and in the Midwest as well as high elevation in Colorado and St Anthony, ID! The OEM Map sensors are replaced with 3 bar sensors so that the boost and fueling can be accurately controlled at high boost pressures. The driveablity of this kit is stock like and there is tuning available for both 110 Octane & E85. Lots of companies claim big horsepower dyno numbers with their tuning – EVP advertises race proven, repeatable dyno figures.  The proof is in the field – our Stage 6 E85 car runs neck and neck with a well know Z1 Turbo engine RZR big turbo that supposedly puts down 350 hp! With the correct tires and clutching, the Stage 6 will do 0-60 in 3.3 seconds! (See Driftbox data in the photo gallery)

NEW- Now with V-Map Multi Map option!  This allows customers to use the Sport/ECO mode switch to change tunes!  Sport Mode is 110 Octane and Eco Mode is 93 Octane. Comes with a replacement locking switch to prevent accidentally switching from 93 Octane to 110 Octane.

NEW- EVP has cast our own compressor cover with a larger inlet!

Stage 6 “Sandblaster” features:

  • Absolutely the easiest turbo upgrade you will ever do – installation takes less than 3 hours and there is no need to remove the stock header!
  • (2) direct replacement 3 bar map sensors with plug n play harness
  • 100% Evolution Powersports ECU tuned – no piggybacks or extra injectors
  • New turbocharger CHRA, wastegate actuator and compressor cover, oil supply hose and fittings.
  • Higher volume fuel pump – (17’s include the 18 fuel pump assembly with our higher volume pump installed) with plug n play harness
  • Detailed instructions
  • Black powder coated compressor cover (other colors available (3 week lead time on custom colors))

0-60 in 3.3 seconds!

Stage 6 110 octane vs. Stage 6 91 octane and Reactor System

At Radioactive, we have done extensive testing with this turbo setup and have hundreds of hours of runtime. It is by far one of the BEST power upgrades you can do to your Can-Am X3! Combine this with our Reactor System for the ultimate in power and reliability!

REQUIRED Components:

  • Full Exhaust System
  • EVP X3 Big Injectors
  • EVP Silicone Charge Tube Kit
  • EVP Blow-Off Valve
  • EVP V-Flow Intake Kit


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2017 (Includes 2018 fuel pump assembly), 2018/2019 (Or 2017 w/ 2018 upgrade)